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Allston-Brighton Healthy Neighborhood Initiative


Health Neighborhood Initiative logoBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center selected ABHC’s Network to plan and implement an Allston Brighton Healthy Neighborhood Initiative from 2024 through 2025. 

In 2023, ABHC led an inclusive, community-driven process to identify our neighborhood’s top health priorities and concerns. The Healthy Neighborhood Initiative Planning Committee included 10 community members who speak six languages, live and work in the neighborhood, and range from 16 to 73 years old. We collected feedback from hundreds of people through surveys, at community parties and events, at the bus stop and the gym. The committee used this process and information to design an initiative.

You can learn more about our process on Canva.

ABHC’s Healthy Neighborhood Initiative: Allston Brighton Connectors

In 2024 and 2025, ABHC is supporting a cohort of community members called Allston Brighton Connectors (ABCs). This group is paid and trained to understand information and service gaps, connect and educate fellow residents to resources and programming, and work with residents to advocate for missing resources and programming to meet identified community needs.

Our short-term goals:

  • More residents know about neighborhood resources and programming, feel confident using those services, and actually use them. 
  • More neighborhood organizations will offer services that ABCs have identified as missing and needed. 
  • Residents will feel their voice can make a difference.

Our long-term goals:

  • Increased access to resources and increased advocacy will improve mental health, employment skills and employment, sidewalk comfort, and resident power and social capital. 
  • The Healthy Neighborhood Initiative will foster a more socially connected, resilient and resource-rich neighborhood.