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GBIO Lead Organizer / Executive Director


Reporting to the GBIO Strategy Team (Board of Directors), through the Personnel Team, the Lead Organizer / Executive Director (LE/ED) is responsible for building a strong organization by developing leaders to work for the common good, providing day-to-day leadership and management in the implementation of its approved operations and actions. 

In accordance with the bylaws, the Personnel Team supports the LE/ED in the conduct of its overall operations, which includes hiring and managing additional staff or contractors.

In accordance with the bylaws, under the direction of the GBIO Strategy Team (Board of Directors), the LE/ED will develop, manage, and implement all approved issue campaigns, oversee fundraising efforts and engage with volunteers on all actions. LE/ED also oversees communications, finance, and operations, with support from communications organizer, operations staff, bookkeeper, and Strategy Team finance committee.

Organizers bring a unique expertise of being a: talent scout, teacher and coach, strategist, researcher, policy-oriented, campaign builder, action driver, evaluator, administrator, listener, agitator, and team builder.