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We increase our collaborative's capacity
to meet resident's health needs.

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Mental health and wellness is personal. Since 2014, members of ABHC have collaborated to address gaps in our collective ability to address resident mental health needs. We work to bolster our network’s capacity to meet residents where they’re at. We encourage public-facing professionals of all industries to join us because our interactions with people’s mental health needs are not confined to the doctor’s office.

  • 2015: ABHC developed the Behavioral Health Resource Guide in partnership with the Allston Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force (ABSATF) and St Elizabeth’s Medical Center.We have since distributed 400 copies to residents and providers through funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Hamilton Company. The guide is also an interactive online searchable map.
  • 2016: ABHC partnered with ABSATF’s Youth Coalition to get the word out about the resource guide, canvassing at local events and distributing magnets and resource cards.
  • 2017: The Mental Wellness Committee formed and coordinated, funded and hosted a Motivational Interviewing training for 70 providers and professionals from around the city.
  • 2018: The Committee coordinated, funded and hosted a three-part forum in response to federal changes to immigration policy and the mental health impacts on Allston-Brighton residents. The forum covered the current legal landscape and local experiences, mental health and trauma implications, and local resources of support and action.
  • 2019: The Committee expanded its capacity building to support network members.
    1. Convene community health workers, resident service coordinators, case managers to share resources and best practices.
    2. Host first Elder Health convening to share ideas, opportunities, and connections
    3. Workshops on updates to federal legal changes, community resources and local advocacy opportunities. 
  • 2020: The Committee continued its focus on immigrant mental health and capacity building supports for our network and neighborhood. We hosted in-person and virtual workshops on immigrant health law; continued convenings with elder health providers and resource providers; and partnered with Brighton residents and member organizations to host a vigil honoring Black lives lost in our community and country.