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Walae Hayek (she/they)

Walae Hayek

Walae Hayek is a first generation Arab American and Boston native who is passionate about building and bridging community and creating welcoming spaces. Currently working in health policy, Walae serves as the Manager for Healthcare Policy at Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association where she focuses on statewide equitable access to behavioral health.

Walae has many years of experience in healthcare delivery, research, and grassroots advocacy. Walae’s previous experience includes Emergency Medical Services (EMS) direct care and education, psychiatric clinical research exploring disparities in care delivery in acute settings, emergency management during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as various consulting services in higher education institutions.

In 2020, Walae founded ROYA, a nonprofit organization, dedicated to building creative community for social advocacy through bridging the arts with public health to Educate, Advocate, and Empower. She is a Board Member of the West End House Boys and Girls Club and serves in an advisory capacity for other local organizations and collaboratives focusing on resources for BIPOC and historically marginalized peoples.

Walae has a BSc in Behavioral Neuroscience from Tufts University and MPH in Community Assessment, Program Development and Evaluation with a focus in Health Policy from Boston University School of Public Health. Walae finds joy in the arts, reading, writing, and bringing people together.