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Apply to be an Allston-Brighton Connector

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Hey everyone! This is Alex, ABHC's new Engagement Coordinator. I am thrilled to announce that the application for Allston-Brighton Connectors is now ~~live~~, please click here to apply before April 16th. Becoming an ABC is a great way to connect with more people in the neighborhood like you and help make our neighborhood healthier and more connected. Application deadline is 4/16, and please feel reach to email with any questions. And please help share the sign-up link and flyer widely!

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Allston-Brighton Connectors to help build relationships with community members, identify gaps in access to resources, connect residents to resources, and advocate for closing gaps in programs and resources. Participants will be trained in-depth on community engagement and advocacy strategies and put these skills to use in tangible ways that will improve the quality of life for neighbors in Allston-Brighton. 

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