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VOLUNTEER Friendly Visitor to a Senior Adult

2Life Communities - Volunteer Program
2Life Communities, a nonprofit organization founded in 1965, operates on the belief that all seniors should have the opportunity to live a full life of connection and purpose in a dynamic, supportive environment. At 2Life Communities, residents can step out the doors of their own apartments and find friendship, community, physical and intellectual stimulation, and a helping hand day or night.

Visiting with a 2Life resident friend for conversation, shared experience, and companionship. The volunteer and resident will meet on a regular basis. Common activities include conversations over tea or coffee, going for walks, watching a film or show together, playing a game, etc. 

This specific resident at our Brighton Campus enjoys arts and crafts, watching movies, sharing her poetry and stories, and getting to know others.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Schedule visit with resident each week and follow through with commitment
  • Notify both 2Life staff and resident(s) of unexpected absence
  • Engage the resident in lively conversation that prioritizes the resident’s interest
  • Update 2Life staff if there are any concerns


  • Volunteer must be 16 years and older for this position 
  • Friendly and welcoming attitude
  • Patience
  • Sense of humor
  • Reliability
  • Ability to keep a conversation going

Schedule/Time Commitment: Typically once a week (flexible time and day) for one hour. Volunteer must commit to at least six months. 

Benefits: Obtain experience working with older adults, help someone who might not have other forms of support, cultivate new intergenerational friendships.  Opportunity to do fun things with a new person!