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Come to BGA June 8 & 9! - Food Justice, Green Schools, Zero Waste, Gentrification, Climate Resilience, & more

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Interested in coming to hear what some amazing young people (grades 6 to 11) have to say about climate change and sustainability? Then RSVP using this form and come on over to Boston Green Academy in Brighton. We're thrilled about revamping our end-of-year Green Exhibitions and Green Action Expo! The main remaining events are next Thursday and Friday.

At BGA, our students have a lot to say and teach us all. From our 11th graders combining their junior thesis with a deep dive into intersectional issues linking sustainability and social issues, to middle schoolers taking their first steps to better understand environmental issues and advocate for a greener future, BGA is a hive of project-based activity at this time of year. And one of the most fundamentally green traditions at BGA is coming back to life for all grades in 2023. We are engaging students in cross-disciplinary projects across grades 6-11  at the end of the school year. Each project culminates in a public-facing “exhibition” of work and ideas at a special event here at BGA, with student voice front and center.

This year’s Green Exhibitions cover issues ranging from food systems, to climate change, to circular economies/zero waste, to environmental justice, to green schools, to sustainable development, and more. Wow, right??
RSVP using this form. Hope to see you here! (20 Warren St)
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