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(Paid Role) Join the Allston-Brighton Community Plan Community Advisory Board

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The Allston-Brighton Community Plan (ABCP) is a 20-month planning process that will develop a shared vision for future change for the neighborhood, in close collaboration with the Allston-Brighton community. The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is developing the plan with a Boston-based consulting team (Meet the Team). The team includes planners, designers, and community advocates rooted in the Allston-Brighton neighborhood. To ensure an equity-focused process, the team is committed to three goals:

  1. To share information and power with community members, community organizations, and City officials
  2. To invest in place-based leadership
  3. To enable community members & organizations and City officials to partner in creating shared priorities and strategies

A 10-member Community Advisory Board (CAB) will work with the team to identify plan priorities, guide the plan's vision and recommendations, and help to get the word out!

The Role

CAB members will attend meetings with the consultant and/or City team. These will include brainstorming sessions, problem-solving discussions, and more. Before most meetings, CAB members will be asked to review materials and be ready to provide feedback. The team will prepare CAB members to understand how a Community Plan can realize the change that people want to see, and to develop recommendations that will shape the next 10 years of Allston-Brighton.

You do not need to have any prior experience working with the City or serving on an advisory board to apply. We are looking for CAB members who are connected to or are part of historically under-represented community groups, and/or community groups harmed by past planning practices. The team will also prioritize people who have not previously served on Impact Advisory Groups (IAGs), city-led Task Forces, or other similar spaces. We invite new voices to contribute to the future of Allston-Brighton!

Time Commitment

  • The committee will meet from June 2024 to June 2025 (12 months)
  • CAB members will work an average of 5 hours/month (including a 2-hour meeting each month), and each member will earn a $2,100 stipend (payments distributed monthly)

Is this position right for me? The ideal CAB member will...

  • Be comfortable speaking and reading in English - ability to speak in other languages is a plus (NOTE: In the planning process, we will prioritize listening to and learning from people who do not speak English, and we will provide interpretation and translation in all of our public spaces. However, all committee members should be comfortable speaking and reading in English.)
  • Have demonstrated leadership ability (this includes volunteer work, student group leadership, community service, among other examples)
  • Be interested in answering questions such as: What kinds of changes are desired by Allston-Brighton community members? What should future development look like? How will these changes be achieved?
  • Live in, work in, or otherwise have strong ties to Allston-Brighton
  • Have the ability to access and to use Zoom (you don't need to host meetings, just be able to attend them)
  • Be able to manage complicated or tense situations, including with the public as well as other team members
  • Be interested in working with others to build solutions

The spelling and grammar of your responses will not be considered in your application. Please write in whatever way feels natural to you and try to sound like yourself.

Applications close on May 10, 2024. If you have any issues with this form, please contact Anne at

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